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Laprell’s Bee Propolis
All Natural - Balanced by Nature – Backed up by Science
Laprell`s Bee Propolis Products are 100% Canadian made with top grade Canadian bee propolis. Propolis is harvested by hand in a sustainable manner without harming the bees. Premium quality Propolis products are manufactured in compliance with Health Canada’s GMP protocol in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Saskatchewan.

Active Compounds in Propolis:
Polyphenols are the best studied group of compounds of Propolis providing medicinal and very powerful antioxidant properties. Laprell`s Bee Propolis products are uniform, potent and pure. They contain high levels of a wide variety of polyphenols, therefore carry a broad range of benefits.

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Alcohol Tincture
Tincture - Alcohol Base
   Glycerine Tincture
Tincture - Glycerine Base
   Vegetarian Caps
Vegetarian Capsules
   Propolis Throat Spray
Throat Spray

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